Business Case

We got started by working with creative teams, but it wasn’t long before we realized that creativity and innovation are important in every Enterprise.

In fact, it became clear that creativity and innovation are at the heart of strategy. Think about it:

    • If your competitive strategy is production efficiency, you’ve got to be constantly pursuing the smart short-cut.
    • If you compete on the basis of customer intimacy, the trick is to find new and better ways of understanding and communicating with your customer.
    • And of course, if you are a leading edge company, you must innovate not only in product, but in delivery and customer experience.

Just as important, a creative atmosphere is important in every part of every organization. It helps to integrate effort, make connections across departments, and fuel progress.

And…having a creative atmosphere in your company simply makes it more fun to work. Imagine that!

Altogether, creativity brings life to your company. The place where your employees spend so much of their time comes to have meaning beyond the mundane. And as a manager, you start to bring together profit and the real meaning of work.

Wow! Meaning and profit in perfect harmony. It’s Karma, dude. But we just call it Seamless Strategy.