Creative Enterprises

We love working with Enterprises that do creative research, critical thinking, or innovative work.

This is where we got started. Terrell McDaniel became fascinated with managing creative teams in a radio station in the 1970s. Pam Bagwell led teams making the key innovations for HD television.

Since then, we’ve worked with creative individuals, teams and companies, at all levels, in a wide variety of fields:

  • Applied Science
  • Basic science
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Show Business and the Arts
  • Broadcasting
  • Fashion
  • Architecture and Engineering

We believe that creative organizations can be . . .

  • The most exciting places you’ve ever worked
  • The most frustrating places you’ve ever worked
  • Seemingly hopeless causes for actually making a business out of ideas
  • Akin to herding cats

We can help . . .

  • Put creativity into the practical perspective
  • Teach leaders how to put up with creative people
  • Coach creative people on how to survive in business organizations
  • Get creative organizations ready to adapt to prevail not just survive
  • Structure creative Enterprises to make real money
  • Herd cats

Putting creative types together for business purposes is a tall order. But it’s one that is close to our hearts.