Creative People

Creative people can be a pain in the neck to traditional management types. And you can guess how creative types feel about traditional managers!

But the challenge of integrating creative activity and business demands is one that we gladly accept. And we’ve been successful time and again, because…well…we know what we’re doing.

We’ve worked with creative individuals, teams and companies, at all levels, in a wide variety of fields:

  • Performers, songwriters, broadcasters, record companies, advertising agencies
  • Research engineers, rocket scientists, software developers, fashion designers, architects, basic science researchers, educators

We’ve helped them do things like:

  • Overcome creative blocks
  • Explain to the boss why “it just doesn’t work that way”
  • Find out how to make it “work that way”
  • Get along better with others and become a team with critical players
  • Manage the slings and arrows of organizational life
  • Figure out how to be a manager when their real skills are artistic
  • Play the meet-and-greet self-promotion game when all they want to do is perform
  • Do good science and still pick the kids up at 4:30
  • Deal with personal demons — or ex-spouses — that were killing their spirit
  • Set new directions and perform consistently
  • Stop self-imploding
  • Make real money doing what they love

When creative people are the lifeblood of your organization, you gain real value in turning creative tension into productivity. All other things being equal, the organization that solves this problem wins in the competitive world.

Not only can you win…you can have fun doing it! It’s all a part of Seamless Strategy.