We can help you get new ideas or projects off the ground.

Client A had the opportunity to create a program that would open up a whole new market. The only problem: the key players not only disliked each other, they didn’t respect each other. Nonetheless, the boss scheduled the brainstorm. Would it be a success or a very ugly day at work?

Client B needed managers to learn creativity skills, both to connect with their research scientists and to exercise a little creativity themselves. You can lead a horse to water, but can you make him drink?

Client C found a market in the fine arts that would take his career to the next level. He knew he had the artistry to make it happen, but how could he get the people closest to him to quit shooting down the idea?

Client D needed rank-and-file workers in a new, innovative process to “see the vision,” and move out of their operational silos. But how can mere mortals teach the blind to see?

At Seamless Strategy, we often come into projects as troubleshooters. We have to be creative at making creativity start to happen . . . We love it, and we make it work.