Dwayne Bagwell, MA


Dwayne Bagwell displays Seamless Strategy’s characteristic combination of psychological expertise and management acumen, but Mr. Bagwell’s background adds another dimension: experience as a stand-out athlete in high school and college. This personal experience of grueling performance demands – and getting yelled at by coaches until he got there – has influenced his supportive but results-focused approach to coaching.

After hanging up his cleats and chalking up a business degree, Mr. Bagwell became a business leader in the retail oil business, providing area management for 100 plus managers and other staff as part of Tenneco Incorporated’s’ retail division.   He helped establish a start-up satellite sales business where he hired and trained sales and service staff to quickly become the company sales leaders.   He received his Master’s degree in counseling and rose to management, providing supervision in the demanding area of family and children’s programs, and ultimately managing a private practice.  As a result of these experiences – and a stellar capability for critical analysis – he has developed a strong business acumen to combine with his competencies as an expert clinician. Dwayne’s ability to help clients get “unstuck” from dilemmas, as well as his supportive but direct style, have earned him an exceptional reputation as an executive coach and organizational practitioner.

On a personal level, Dwayne has continued to be an active mentor of young people, using his coaching skills in a variety of community athletic programs.



Dwayne Bagwell received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Middle Tennessee State University and a Master’s degree in counseling from National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois.  He is licensed as a Professional Counselor and certified with the National Bureau of Certified Counselors.