James L. Hughes, Ph.D.

Jim Hughes is a senior licensed psychologist with expertise in the assessment of cognitive and personality functioning throughout the lifespan, as well as personality and behavior change and enhancement. At Seamless Strategy, Dr. Hughes brings a wealth of advanced knowledge and competency in assessing key performers in cognitive, intellectual, learning, and attentional issues. He also provides a key coaching resource in these areas, as well as personality functioning, behavioral and motivational interventions, and personal/organizational troubleshooting.

Dr. Hughes professional background is in clinical psychology, where he has extensive experience in assessment, psychotherapy and counseling with a variety of ages and demographic groups. His style matches Seamless Strategy’s consulting philosophy because of his pragmatic and common sense approach to personal, interpersonal and organizational challenges.

In assessment, Dr. Hughes has provided hundreds of full-scale evaluations of individuals, and provided extensive and detailed recommendations for personal, clinical and educational change. In addition, he is a seasoned advocate and coach for individuals with unique learning styles, learning disabilities, clinical or health conditions, or other personal challenges. While these challenges can often be seen as obstacles, Dr. Hughes has a long record of success in using them as a platform for personal accomplishment in those he advises, in corporate situations as well as others. Dr Hughes’ keen understanding of mental processes and unique ways of human thought and reaction provide him with great wisdom in one of Seamless Strategy’s primary activities: understanding and utilizing the unique talents of “key performers.”

One specialized area of practice is the evaluation of police and homeland security personnel. He has provided hundreds of pre-employment screens, as well as fitness for duty evaluations of police officers. As in his other work, Dr. Hughes blends his knowledge of human behavior with acute insight into the demands of police and homeland security work to provide incisive, practical and valuable recommendations for employment, training, development and, sometimes, rehabilitation.  These insights translate into valuable wisdom about the performance management of other key performers such as creative personnel and executive managers.

Dr. Hughes was certified in both high and low “ropes” course training and facilitation in 1998, and has led team-building and experiential ropes learning sessions with corporate, educational and youth groups, as well as individuals who used the ropes experience for personal growth and challenge. Participants routinely cite his positive, focused, practical and encouraging coaching style as one of the best parts of their ropes experience, and Seamless Strategy uses these advantages in coaching and other assignments.

Dr. Hughes received his Ph.D. from Auburn University in 1992 after completing his clinical internship at the University of Tennessee Department of Psychiatry Professional Psychology Consortium, Memphis TN. He had previously received a bachelor’s degree with High Honors from Old Dominion University. Dr. Hughes maintains a private clinical practice in Hendersonville Tennessee. He holds a license in psychology in the State of Tennessee (#P1708 Clinical Psychology with the Health Service Provider Designation).