Organizational Assessment

So, you have this situation that has been going on for several years now. It has deteriorated into a small war internally, wrecked morale, and even begun to affect sales and customer service. And you were hoping that, just maybe, it could be solved with a two hour communications workshop.

Uh. Well. Probably not…but hey! Could you give us some time to look into it?

Seamless Strategy provides assessments of your organization to help you make critical decisions and set vital directions.

  • Context assessment: We assess troubling situations, make practical recommendations, and even help you troubleshoot.
  • Organizational assessments: We conduct comprehensive evaluations of an Enterprise’s current level of functioning and what this means for its future. These are particularly valuable when you are planning significant changes in your company’s strategy or mode of operation.
  • Executive assessments: Click here to read about our services!

Incidentally, even though you are the person hiring us, we sometimes discover that you are part of the problem that is causing your concern. We’ll be gentle, but we’ll tell you what you need to hear, not just what you’d like to hear.