We had this big meeting to discuss how to convey what we know about teamwork on this webpage.

And somebody said, “How do you convey 30 years of experience in the nuances of teambuilding without sounding trite, or giving away all your professional secrets on the website?”

We’ve been doing team building since the 1970s. Teamwork is involved in everything we do. We work with groups, but we also know that the keys to team building rest in individual interactions, trust and respect, mutual goals, etc. And not just between members of your team, but with the Seamless Strategy consultant who is working with them.

Team-building requires time, effort, commitment, creativity….

Uh-oh. We are beginning to sound trite.

Better err towards the big professional secret. OK, here goes:

Team-building is very difficult. But if you know what you’re doing, it’s easier than it looks.