Pamela Gilbert Bagwell

Pamela Bagwell has over twenty years of experience specializing in executive and leadership development and has coached CEO’s, executives and their teams in the U.S. and South America. Pam also consults with businesses to create and deliver leadership development programs, increase team effectiveness and implement strategic change.

Ms. Bagwell is a partner, and was named Chief Executive of Seamless Strategy in 2013.

Ms. Bagwell works with both individuals and teams and focusing on the goals of improving business results and personal effectiveness. She has worked with a variety of organizations such as Louis Dreyfus, CHS, and CITGO Oil.

Ms. Bagwell combines her business experience and theoretical knowledge to create value added solutions for clients from various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, mental health, food services, petroleum and consumer electronics. As a principal contributor to Seamless Strategy, Ms. Bagwell creates cutting edge solutions in the areas of strategy and organizational effectiveness for our valued clients.

Previously Ms. Bagwell held leadership positions with Zenith Electronics, Pillsbury, General Electric/Thomson Consumer Electronics, and Clark Refining and Marketing. In addition to her business competencies, Ms. Bagwell holds an advanced degree in industrial organizational psychology and industrial relations, and has had several articles published on Organizational Based Self Esteem and the Effects on Employee Morale, Job Satisfaction and Turnover. Her research has been presented at several psychological association conferences.

As a member of the leadership team at Zenith Electronics Ms. Bagwell successfully drove the development of a high performing organization including start up of the digital cable set top box.

Ms. Bagwell drove the successful start up and introduction of the high-end PROSCAN television operations for Thomson Consumer Electronics. Start up efforts included the development of a work cell assembly process, socio-technical training, and utilization of high performance work teams, cross-functional training and union management cooperative efforts. First year quality and production goals achieved, she drove labor negotiations based on increased manufacturing flexibility, autonomous work groups.

Because she began her career in the non-profit and philanthropic sector, Ms. Bagwell maintains her commitment to good work . She is a mentor for adolescents at high risk in her community, participates in charitable organizations such as United Way, Easter Seal Society and Special Olympics. Pam is a primary driver of Seamless Strategy’s altruistic  and support efforts in our communities.