We were doing coaching back when we called it Executive Development — and nobody else knew what it was. We were innovating then, and are still innovating today. So, if you are looking for experienced executive coaches, you’re in the right place.

Seamless Strategy blends hard-business and personal development coaching within a strategic framework:

  • We learn the business challenges and priorities of your business and environment.
  • We assess the style, personality and competencies of the Key Performer that we will be coaching.
  • We use immediate business realities as the content of our coaching. That means traction — quick.
  • Our focus is not just to meet current challenges, but to improve the Key Performer’s presence, confidence and competence for the future.
  • While we deal with business content, we are experts in personality and interpersonal problems.
  • We also seek to help the Performer mentor our concepts and techniques down-line in his/her organization: thus, the whole organization builds competencies.
  • Although we assign a primary coach, we use other Seamless Strategy consultants interchangeably, based upon their expertise, to create desired outcomes. Sometimes these experts come face-to-face, sometimes they stay behind the scenes.
  • Because we focus on outcomes and cost-effectiveness, we seek to tie our efforts into existing corporate-available resources such as training, leadership universities, and preferred outside courses.