Terrell Miles McDaniel, Ph.D.

Dr. McDaniel is a licensed psychologist with expertise in executive assessment and development, organizational assessment and development, and personal and organizational growth in terms of effective teamwork and performance. He reflects over twenty years of experience in the enhancement of individual and corporate creative thinking, problem solving skills, and improved decision-making and communication abilities.

Dr. McDaniel is a managing partner of Seamless Strategy.

Dr. McDaniel began his management career in radio broadcasting, where he served as a music director and radio producer in addition to air work. He became intrigued by the fact that he could forecast the tone of his workday by listening to his station coming into work — the quality of the broadcast was a barometer of the team dynamics he would encounter upon entering the station. In particular, he became fascinated by the effects of team atmosphere on creativity and product quality. He returned to school to study the psychology of these phenomena at an advanced level, both in terms of individual performance and team interaction. He received his Ph.D. with a double major in clinical and industrial/organizational psychology from Auburn University in 1986, with a dissertation on the effects of social environments on creativity.

Dr. McDaniel has provided organizational and business consultation in a variety of industries and contexts, with particular interests in management assessment, personal and organizational development, performance management, team building and organizational troubleshooting. He brings a thorough knowledge of business and marketing fundamentals to his consulting work in addition to his subject matter expertise.

Dr. McDaniel has continued his special interest in organizational creativity, consulting with such diverse groups as fashion designers, research scientists, architects and engineers, computer software and training personnel, and, of course, the entertainment industry. He also consults with public safety and homeland security organizations in selecting and supporting those key performers who serve and protect our citizenry. The breadth of Dr. McDaniel’s background provides him a unique perspective in blending hard-business realities with the people-wisdom of a seasoned psychologist. He brings a strong reputation as a creative thinker, powerful analyst, entertaining presenter, and gifted facilitator of human development processes.

Dr. McDaniel also maintains a private clinical practice in Hendersonville Tennessee, with clinical interests in adult personality and interpersonal issues. He holds a license in psychology in the State of Tennessee (#P1191 Clinical and Industrial/ Organizational/Personnel, Health Service Provider Designation).