Unconventional Consulting

Seamless Strategy’s success as a consulting company lies in our distinctive presence with our clients. For this reason, we are hard to describe. Oh, sure. We could have taken our webmaster’s advice and written a webpage paragraph with keywords such as organizational effectiveness, change management, strategic planning, strategic alignment, leadership development, executive coaching, executive assessments, high performers, transformational leadership, innovation, creativity, cultural diversity, results focused leadership, human resources best practices, strategic human resources, background checking, post-conditional hire, police selection, consultation with government, or retention tool kit. But that would just look like consulting word soup. These words come close but just don’t capture our problem-focused, relational, customized, value-rich approach to addressing business challenges — or our bright, competent, innovative, personable — and yes, at times — fun consulting team.A few words just wouldn’t do. It took us the whole dang website to try to describe our business. Please browse around.